Cold Water Extraction

Cold water extraction is the MOST important facet to any water damage restoration! Without removing all standing water once your home or commercial property is underwater can cause a myriad of other issues you won’t want to deal with later on. Our process is simple, easy and you don’t have to worry about billing your insurance as we do that for you.

We use submersible pumps placed beneath floorboards, ceiling panels or drywall to remove water bubbles, and also visibly standing water immediately. Cold water extraction removes the excess water out of the way so we can properly remove more water from your property.

Next, we use our infrared camera to locate hidden water pockets that are concealed behind walls and floorboards. It’s important to find theses water spots since these are the places that can cause great damage in the future.¬†We then hook up submersible pumps to large water tanks to move the water from the property out to external tanks to ensure all the water is removed properly. Cold water extraction is the most important facet of the a water damage restoration, contact us now!

Once these steps are completed, we move on to dehumidification to remove the humid air and mildew smell from the air, and we follow up with sanitization of affected areas to ensure we do not leave any water spots behind.

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